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Already a foster carer?

If you are already a foster carer with another local authority or independent fostering agency and are interested in transferring to Cumbria Fostering, we can offer a fast track process to help you transfer as quickly as possible.

Carers transferring to us are offered a condensed training package designed specifically for existing carers.

Who can transfer fostering service?

  • We can help If your family is moving home and you'd like to register with a local authority.
  • Foster carers can also transfer with us if they want to move from an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA).
  • If you've previously fostered for us and you'd like to return, we'd love to hear from you.

We are here to make your transfer as quick, easy and simple as possible.

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Adele and Lee transferred to us from Rochdale

Adele and her husband Lee, from Penrith, foster a brother and sister aged 11 and 13. They also have two grown up sons aged 25 and 28. They have fostered for 14 years as short term foster carers

Since starting to foster in Rochdale more than a decade ago, the couple has fostered children of all ages, from tiny babies to teenagers and currently care for a brother and sister from Cumbria aged 10 and 12. She said: "We moved to Cumbria in November 2020 and wanted to continue to foster, so went through the approval process with the council. The whole process took around six months and the children moved in with us last August. We were keen to foster siblings as we had two spare rooms and we had experience of fostering siblings in Rochdale and enjoyed it. It is lovely to be able to keep brothers and sisters together by fostering siblings but also for me, it is also about giving the children the opportunity to develop their own personality and interests. Our children have the comfort of having each other but we are also aware they need one to one time with us, in order to be their own person."